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Electricity Supply and Account Agreement

The parties to this agreement are:

SuperCity Power Ltd – the supplier of power, and is recited in this agreement as SuperCity Power.

Ray White SuperCity Property Management Ltd is the Property Manager and recited as SuperCity Property Management Ltd.

The Tenant (client engaging into this contract) is recited as the Tenant.

The tenant has entered a tenancy agreement with SuperCity Property Management for premises at which SuperCity Power will offer a contract to supply electricity to the tenant.

1. The Tenant acknowledges that monthly power accounts will be rendered by SuperCity Power to the tenant in the name of the Tenant, to the Tenant’s address for service.

2. The Tenant further acknowledges that they have read this agreement and understand that the Tenant is not the account holder – that the account holder is SuperCity Power Ltd.

3. The Tenant will receive the account monthly in arrears and the Tenant agrees to pay the account on or before the due date for payment, directly into SuperCity Powers ANZ Bank account details as outlined at the end of this agreement.

4. Should the tenant fail to pay the account on time in accordance with this agreement then the Tenant acknowledges that SuperCity Power may instruct debt collectors to collect the outstanding account and that any such collection shall include the debt collectors standard commission. And that the Tenant will be liable for, and pay for the costs of debt collection in addition to the debt itself should the debt be sent to debt collection.

5. For the collection purposes of any outstanding invoices – the tenant agrees for the SuperCity Property Management to act as agent for SuperCity Power for the purposes of delivering accounts and collecting payments.

6. The Tenant agrees that SuperCity Power may authorise SuperCity Property Management to act as agent for SuperCity Power to claim any outstanding amount owing for power from any Tenancy Bond held to the credit of the Tenant lodged under SuperCity Property Management.

7. The Tenant consents to any relevant information supplied by the Tenant to SuperCity Property Management to be at the disclosure of SuperCity Power for the purposes of assessing credit worthiness, confirming identity, confirming a residential address, to enforce a civil debt, or for any other lawful purpose connected to the principal purpose.

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